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PT Shacmindo Perkasa is the sole agent and distributor of Shacman Heavy Duty Trucks and spareparts in Indonesia. The company has been appointed since September 2012 by Shacman, the world class China based heavy duty truck manufacturer, to market the products and to provide athorough after sale supports to all product users who are engaging in various industries covering logging, pulp and paper, mining, transportation, and many other industries throughout Indonesia.

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The Shacman products have undoubtedly utilized the best heavy truck assembly technologies available nowadays to ensure superior product quality. These technologies are provided by Cummins (one of top world class 500 companies), Weichai Power (one of top 500 companies in China), Handle Axle (a toptier heavy axle enterprise in China), Fast (China's largest gearbox manufacturer) and Man (one of the top world class 500 companies).

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shacman indonesia

It is PT Shacmindo's goal to provide the ultimate solutions for its clients needs. With strong supports from the principals of Credo Group, who have more than five decades of experiences in automotive industries, as well as continuous supports from other the shareholders and Shacman, the company is perfecting its industry leading supply chain management and has launched the website ( which offers the 1st ever. Build Your Own Truck features. This new approach brings forward a new concept enabling company to assist its clients to design the vehicle in accordance with each of their specific needs. Instead of simply providing one standardized product for any and every industry, we believe that each industry and every client are unique. By taking one step closer to our clients, we hear their needs and are committed to help them improving efficiencies by offering extra flexibilities to reduce inefficiencies in a conventional mass-­‐design product.


shacman indonesia

Sould you need further information about the company, its product or services, please contact us at:



          Head Office              :          Jalan Teluk Betung 41

                                                        Jakarta 10230

          Phone                       :          +6221 29497300

          Facsimile                  :          +6221 3901113


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          Marketing/                 :         Jalan Kebon Sirih 45-47

          Showroom                           Jakara 10340

          Phone                        :         +6221 3145137

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